Internet FAQ

Yes, if it is on this approved list:

  • Rogers TPIA Approved

  • Thomson: 475, 476, 775
  • Huawei: MT130U

  • Cogeco TPIA Approved

  • Thomson: 476

  • Videotron TPIA Approved

  • Motorola:5101N, 6120
  • Thomson: 425,475 (custom firmware)

  • Shaw TPIA Approved

  • Motorola: 5101N, 6120
  • Thomson: 425,475

  • Bell FTTN

  • FTTN: 15/1mbps or less: Any ADSL2+ Modem
  • FTTN: 15/10mbs or higher: SmartRG SR505N VDSL2

No, you simply qualify for the same pricing as our "Purchase Plans", please refer to the service you wish to receive for purchase plan pricing.
Please also note we are not responsible to replace a customer owned modem.

We need the MAC ID off the back of the modem and the model of your modem. We need that number before we can book your installation.

ZFlix high-speed Internet services are currently available in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British-Colombia. Feel free to contact our Sales team to verify if the service you're interested in is available near your location and to learn more about our expanded coverage.

Yes, you will need to cancel your current service to ensure that you are no longer charged by that Internet service provider.

Typically, no unless it is a specific model that is compatible, the list of compatible models are listed above, you may also contact our customer care team to check and see if your modem is compatible. Otherwise you are required to rent or purchase a modem from us when signing up for one of our high-speed Internet services. The modem must be returned if the service is cancelled unless you purchased the modem, otherwise charges may apply.

Usage-Based Billing (UBB) is a billing model where charges correspond to how much data a customer downloads each month. Some Internet services specify a monthly download limit and any time that limit is exceeded, the usage-based charge is applied. The charges typically range from $2/GB to $4/GB. With ZFlix high-speed Internet, you can always enjoy our included unlimited download usages with any of our internet packages.

A variety of download and upload speeds are available depending on your location and the type of service you select. For more information on speeds, please visit our Internet product page. Speeds may vary depending on distance, internal wiring, signal strength and the amount of users connected within your geographical location at the same time

Depending on the type of service you chose, the equipment included in your package may differ. Please consult the Setup Guides section of the Customer Centre and download the guide which corresponds to your service(s) to have the list of items that should be sent to you.

No, fortunately we offer our services at the lowest possible prices. We would have to raise our prices to offer email address's, we believe the amount of perfectly good and reliable fee email services makes it unnecessary.

  • Operating system: all versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux* released over the past fifteen years

  • Processor: 166 MHz and above

  • RAM: 32 MB

  • Disk space: 30 MB

  • LAN card and Ethernet adapter

  • Video card

  • *Please note that while ZFlix's high-speed Internet will work on Linux, it is not supported by our Technical Support team.
  • For more information please call 1-888-442-5058.